Right Way

Plot: During several years group of scientists API was working on creation of artificial intelligence. The first robot with an artificial mind was named P16. Researchers overdid something with level of IQ and it ended fatal enough. P16 escaped from the laboratory. They set the location of chip runaway by dint of camcorders and satellites. He landed on Kruso Island. The could just pick up him, of course, but they didn`t want to disgrace in the public eye, so they said that it`s a kind of experiment, which will show people the full range of artificial mind possibilities. Through the control center his creators gave him keen ear, possibility to change a size and some more talents. The only opportunity to return robot home and don`t disgrace in the mass media – transfer a command by dint of sound. P16 needs to find 4 sources of sound. After this will be a TRANSMISSION back to the laboratory. Only the player decides, will API be able to return its invention, try to use a transmission by dint of radio receiver and after all to understand: was the experiment successful. Game Description: There are 2 levels in our game. A player should find the location of the sound with the help of his hearing. According to the location, the sound becomes louder or quieter. We recommend a player to use headphones during the game, because he/she can hear the direction of the sound (to the right or left). A gamer has to find the source (site of the sound), which was hidden by a computer. There can be 10 or 20 different places, depending on the level. As a result, a player can pass levels and find the source of the sound in different places. The sound can be hidden in such places, where a player can’t pass, but there is a possibility to become smaller. In addition, a player can use a mini map, because the level is rather big and there are many variants of the source’s location.
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ART - My eyes are my ears
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Also, we used 3DS Max (for creating and changing 3D Models), Adobe Photoshop and Pix-Plant (for creating and changing Textures), Adobe Premier Pro (for adding some effects to video), Adobe Audition (for editing sound).
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip archive and launch "RightWay.exe".


Primary Developer: Ihor Parkhomenko.

Level Designer: Ilya Kripaka.

2D Art: Polina Sidenko.

Plot of the game: Chaikovskaya Anastasia.

Game Stills: