Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal is a multiplayer social mobile game. One player is the Love Interest, and the other players are frantically filling out ad-lib love letters, trying to win the affection of the Love Interest!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Get the game:



Build in Unity

  • Download the source for the game:
  • Open the project in Unity, and have fun!
  • If you really want to get fancy, you can also host a game in your Unity editor and connect to it from a standalone executable game, or vice-versa. :)

How to play:

The game works as follows:

  1. Several players in a room connect (via mobile device) to the game lobby.
  2. A LOVE INTEREST is chosen from the group.
  3. The LOVE INTEREST chooses from a list of ad-lib love letter sentences, such as "Your eyes are as beautiful as a ________." 
  4. The chosen sentence is sent to all the other players, the prospective SUITORS.
  5. Each SUITOR must select a word to fill in the blank in the ad-lib sentence. They are trying to impress the LOVE INTEREST, so they must choose nice words like "sweet" and "beautiful" rather than "crusty" and "gross." They only have fifteen seconds to choose a letter, so they better choose quickly! Meanwhile, stickers and various obstacles are flying across the players' screens; if these obstacles get in the way of their handiwork, they can flick them off the screen onto other players' screens!
  6. After a short time, the filled-in love letters are sent back to the LOVE INTEREST. The winner is whichever SUITOR impresses the LOVE INTEREST the most!


  • Liz


  • Corey
  • Peter
  • Brittany
  • Mo


An extra special thank you to the talented musicians who provided tracks for this game!

GreyScreen (Title Music)  - 

Geoff Li (Gameplay Music)  -

Game Stills: