Poyu Poyu

2D Arcade/Puzzle game with cartoon-style graphics and physics. Your goal is to manage to reproduce the starting Big Poyu by blending a number of smaller poyus together. Pop the falling poyus with your keyboard before they hit the ground, if you don't need them ! At the end of the round, all remaining small poyus will transmit their color to the final Poyu. A score will be awarded, depending on the resemblance between the starting and the final Poyu. Try to make them as similar as you can ! Be careful to : - The total number of Poyus in the blender (influences the final Poyu's size) - The color of each Poyu in the blender (influences the final Poyu's color) Inputs (keyboard/mouse) : Use the mouse to navigate in menus. Pop the poyus by striking the corresponding keyboard keys.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Adobe Suite Audacity 3dsMax Magicavoxel

Antoine Pitavy

Bastien Gounon

Cyril Friederich

Jordan Chaneac

Nicolas Sagon

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