Podunk Phone Co.

This Telco Simulator welcomes you to the rural town of Podunk. As you prepare for your shift as the local phone operator a winter storm warning goes into effect resulting in a panicked night of keeping communications going for the town. Listen in, learn about what is going on, and get that gossip from your nosy neighbors. To win, you must provide high quality service by routing communications correctly and efficiently -- or not -- it's totally your call.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
There are a few minor bugs, but the game is playable and beatable. For the best audio and visual experience possible it is highly recommended that you play with headphones and that you set the Screen Resolution in the game launcher to 1600 x 900 otherwise some audio may be a bit quiet and/or the menu text may be a bit small; however, we have left most options configurable in the launcher.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the Windows exe below and play; we weren't able to test Mac or Linux builds, but feel free to download the source code and export the project in Unity3D if you want to give it go on those operating systems (there shouldn't be any issues but you may need to download "Text Mesh Pro" from the Unity3D Asset Store).



Andy Varshine, Game Design & *Art

Carl Rauscher, Game Design & *Writing

Matthew Mauriello, *Game Design & *Programming

Roc Lee, Game Design & *Audio

*Particularly strong contributions

Voice Actors

Trevor Brown as Caller 1
Kirby Cofino as Caller 2
Bradley Griffus as Caller 3
Tyler Samson as Caller 4
Jimmy Sambuo as Caller 5
Peter Goldstein as News Reporter
Andrew Yim as Peter Moore
Cherisse Datu as Helen Moore 
Mary Griffus as Frances Miller
Peter Zhang as Carl Smith
Audrey Gu as Roy Davis
Natasha Martinez as Alice Davis




Game Stills: 
Source files: