A Pirate's Tale

Our game name is A Pirate's Tale. Our story begins with our main character who wants to be King of Pirates after he killed a cruel dragon. When he started to get the spoils of war with his friend Radka, they ran into a wise man who offered to give him a special skill that makes someone be able to see land-mines. However, a wise man wanted a favor if he wanted to get this skill. Our character and his best friend started their interesting journey. We have used 12 diversifies: 1) AUDIO - Beatbox: All sounds for your game must be created using your voice or body 2) AUDIO - Toot Your Own Horn: Sounds and music must all come from acoustic or real-world sources - no synthesizers or computer-generated sounds 3) AUDIO - Write The Theme Tune, Sing The Theme Tune: Form a band with other GGJ participants and record a theme tune for your game - with lyrics 4) AUDIO - A Bold Choice: Compose the music in a style that is completely inappropriate for your game 5) DESIGN - Power down: Losing abilities is the only way for your player to progress 6) DESIGN - Feathered Friends: Feature a bird as a protagonist or main character 7) DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett: Your game contains some kind of hidden secret or Easter egg. SPOILER ALERT!! . Please check narrative diversifiers after gameplay. SPOILER ALERT!! 8) NARRATIVE - Ever After: Game must take place after the moment where most other games would have ended, i.e. after the princess has been rescued, after the final boss is defeated, after the killscreen 9) NARRATIVE - Hidden Depths: The protagonist isn’t who you think they are at the beginning. 10) META - Polyglot: Localize your game in to at least two other languages. 11) META - Special:Random: Get a Random Wikipedia Article and include the topic in your game. (Be honest to yourself and don't cheat and redraw another if you don't like the first one.) Our article is : Radka Bednaříková http://www.wikizero.info/index.php?q=aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvUmFka2FfQmVkbmElQzUlOTklQzMlQURrb3YlQzMlQTE 12) META - Inception: Create a totally different game that can be played inside your game submission. Must also relate to the theme.
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DESIGN - Power down
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
META - Polyglot
META - Inception
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Piskelapp.com, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Çağrı ÖZDEN - Game Developer, Game Designer

İbrahim ERGÜL - 2D Game Artist

Jethro BELL - Game Developer

Mesut KEBAPÇIOĞLU - 2D Artist

Ramazan TOKAY - Game Developer

Barış Yaman - Sound Designer

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