Pirate Jam Radio

A skater in a dystopian world, fighting the government with radio. The project we envisioned was a dystopian city with bleak colors, and regular censored government broadcasts. You play as a skater who has set up shop in a hidden portion of the city and created a pirate radio station. Your goal is to travel to various objective locations, being radio towers, in the game world, and hack into them to begin transmitting your pirate radio broadcast and spread your music and message to the people. We wanted to change the visuals as this happened, as well as the music, though that was not in the scope of the completed prototype. The character also has the mysterious power to enter a satellite dish or radio tower and transmit themselves, traveling via sound-waves. When they do this, they are absorbed into the dish or tower, and pop out of it when they choose to, turning into radio waves in the process. The gameplay elements we included were wall-riding, wall-jumping, double jumping, rail grinding, and launching out of radio towers and satellite dishes. Also included in the source code (but not in the demo level) are moving platforms, enemy AI that path-finds towards player, and unique character animations.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
We used Unreal Engine 4 as the primary game engine, and created assets in Blender and Maya. Concept art was created in Procreate. NOTE: We were fully able to create an executable for the game, however the file size was too large for this website. Unfortunately, that means both Git and Unreal Engine 4.18.3 are needed to clone, open and see the game.