Pave the Earth

Players take on the roles of careless industrialists and compete to have the worst environmental impact without having the public shut them down.
Jam year: 
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
We used the White Box prototyping kit
Installation Instructions: 

  - Place the board in an open space.
  - Have each player choose a team color. Place the corresponding Meeples
    onto space 0 of the Furor Counter.
  - Pool all Income tokens in a convenient to reach location.
  - Deal four Income tokens to each player.
  - Give each player all of the the Territory markers that match their team color.
  - Separate the Pollution cubes - blue, green, and white - into their own piles
    in a convenient to reach location.
  - Place a Territory Marker on each player's starting location.
  - The youngest player starts. Resolve turns in a Clockwise manner.

  - Each turn, players have a few options:
    + Buy Pollution cubes
    + Buy Attack Ads (Bad PR) to raise an opponent's Furor rating
    + Buy Promotional Ads (Good PR) to lower your own Furor rating.
    + Expand Territory

  - In a turn that you Expand, you will be unable to buy both
    Attack and Promotional Ads until your next turn.

    You can repeat any action (except Expanding) up to 5 times in a turn,
    but the cost increases with each repetition per the following table:

    1:  1 Income
    2:  3 Income
    3:  5 Income
    4:  7 Income
    5:  9 Income

    The cost increases are inclusive to the type of purchase.

      Player 1 buys 2 Promotional Ads, 1 Attack Ad, and 3 Pollution Cubes.
      They will have to pay a total of of 14 Income to complete this turn.
      Broken down, it looks like so:
        2 Promotional Ads : 1+3   = 4
        1 Attack Ad       : 1     = 1
        3 Pollution Cubes : 1+3+5 = 9
                            TOTAL = 14

      Player 2 buys 5 Pollution Cubes, and Expands. They will need 26 Income
      to complete this turn. Player 2 cannot Attack or Promote this turn because
      they opted to Expand Territory. Broken down:
        5 Pollution Cubes : 1+3+5+7+9 = 25
        1 Expansion       : 1         = 1
                                TOTAL = 26

    - Players start the game with 4 Income. Additional Income tokens can be
    earned by placing Industry cubes.

    For every 3 Pollution cubes you have on the map, you gain one additional

    A Bonus Income is earned for having an entire set of Pollution cubes
    on one territory - Air, Land, and Water.

    In other words, you can gain a maximum of 2 Income from one Territory.
      +This is a one time increase. This is not per round.

Placing Pollution cubes:
  - Each Territory can only hold three Pollution Cubes: One for Water, one for
  Land, and one for Air. If a territory already has a pollution cube placed
  by you or another player, you may not place a cube of the same type.

  - You can place a Pollution Cube on a territory only if you've expanded into
  the territory.

Ending the Game:
  - The game ends when one player has Regulated (Bad PR'd an opponent to 10
  Furor) all of their opponents, or no more Pollution Cubes can be placed on the

  If the game ends by the map being filled, the player with the lowest
  Furor score wins.


Katherine Dorland

Gerritt Dorland

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