Parasyte Jam

A designer went to the Global Game Jam and found a piece of paper written badly and in fury. The message in the paper it's clear and terrifying: something at this jam it's going wrong and someone it's going to be hurt. There are some kind of not human being, something like a parasyte or an alien. For now they're two, maybe; The one who attacked the paper owner and now him. There's need to find a way out of this, this creature must be stopped before they hurt someone else. He just wanted to jam and now it's blocked here with this freaks. There must be something to recognize them and the paper it's clear: no emotions, no talk, same face and body but something different in theyr being. Empty. There are other people here and they must complete the jam without being like them. They must be saved.
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AUDIO - Beatbox
AUDIO - Toot Your Own Horn
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Twine, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Audacity, photoshop, illustrator
Installation Instructions: 

No installation required

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