Pacific TRANS Mission

A trans robot with an identity crisis, doesn't know if it is a Jaeger or a Transformer. The mission: Save the World. It has to transform into Mecha form with the help of two pilots, sending signals for the next transform step via vibration in morse code (it's an outdated robot) and the signals are crossed, each pilot receives the signal of the other one. They have to communicate and sync up to complete the robot and be able to defeat the Kaiju threat. ---Mission Instructions: Step 1: Find a co-pilot with whom to control the robot (Preferably Drift Compatible) Step 2: Link yourself with the robot using a xbox controller for each pilot. Step 3: Wait for the morse transmission that comes via controller rumble. Step 4: Reveal each other the controller button indicated by the morse rumble. Step 5: Press the button revealed by the co-pilot. Do it together at the same time. Step 6: Repeat for each step until the full transformation. Step 7: Save the world.
Jam year: 
Rumbled - (Sponsored by the ESA)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Alessandro Osima, Domenico Favaro - Unreal Engine Ninja programmers

Christian Castelli, Sonia Casamento, Giovanni De Francesco - Robotic visionary 3D Artists

Michele Agosteo - Futuristic Illustrator and 2D Animator

Fabio Mosca - Jolly and improvised graphic designer and composer

Carolina Urra - Imported Tester, Producer and tyranical Motivator

Fabrizio Santososso, Davide Pensato, AudioDesk Polimi - The audio masters behind our new TransAudio Engine 9D

Game Stills: