Over The Wall

A game about a dog. And Aliens. Finished a day late but WHO'S WATCHING??? WAD/Space - movement and jump X/F/Enter - action (bark/pick up/drop) Controller should also work. This game taught me that you shouldn't make a dialog system during a jam. Especially if you are a solo dev. And that you can't rely on scaling pixel art just because it still looks okay. Because it doesn't look okay when you put it next to other pixel art with different scales. :) And also that I cannot draw spaceships. There is a bug that I tried to fix and broke everything where the ship will throw the ball again if it bounces back on itself. I do not think I will be fixing it.
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That Kind-a Game - (Sponsored by iThrive)
NARRATIVE - Palindrome
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Aseprite for assets FL Studio for Music

All assets created hurriedly by me except the crickets and dog barks which were sourced from the public domain/CC.

Source files: