The Operator

In this game you take the role of a nameless brave soldier in the Jewish underground as they try to smuggle Jews into Israel during the British mandate period. Your job is to monitor the British patrols across the shoreline and report back to the Jewish boats coming in. You do this by Listening in either side's radio chatter and issuing commands.
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MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)
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You play as a radio operative during the British mandate period. Your job is to help the Jewish boats coming in to reach the shore safetly. In order to do this you have the radio unit on the bottom right of the screen. The Radio Unit (RU) has two interactive dials and three interactive flip-switches. The top dial will switch between listening in on either the boat channels (left position) or the British channels (right position). The second dial allows you to choose a given unit's actual channel so you can listen in or given commands to that unit. The three flip-switches at the top right of the RU allows the operator to issue commands which are [in order]: slow-down, accelerate, change destination.

Note that you can issue commands to either boats or patrols but the more you chatter on-air the easier it is for the British to pin-point your position and grab you. The detection meter is represented by the blue/red bar on the left of the RU.




just unzip and enjoy; there's an apk file in the main folder for the brave souls who want to try it on their mobile device! (note that the UI was not designed with smaller screens in mind).


Art & Design: Skye Barak

Code: Amir Barak

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