Morse COD

As the aquatic menace approach our shores, our lads await order from the electric telegraph, ready to unleash hell on our briney foe if they set one fin on old blighty. Tally ho lads, send those salty blighters packing! Hone your morse code skills as you tap out signals, dishing out targets to the seaboard defense turrets. INSTRUCTIONS - Key in morse code to match enemies you want to target using the left, right or down arrow. - Each key directs a different gun, spread your fire between enemies or focus your attack on a single tough enemy before it crosses the beach. - Fight through 6 waves to victory!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Dave Lloyd (@duzzondrums) - Design, Code

Louis D Meyer (@louisdmeyer - Code, Music, SFX

Samuel Sefer (@samuelsefer) - Art

Adrian Vaughan (@yeoldshrimpeyes) - Voice

Michael Tornabene - SFX


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