The game is about transmission of genes in humans, where each player controls a certain line of characters consisting of a deck of cards. Each card in a character deck represents an allele, and a combination of these alleles results in certain traits such as eye color, height etc. During each round players compete for mates that are presented on the board in front of them in the shape of non playing character decks. After they match with NPCs players mix the cards so that they get two new characters of which they choose one with which to continue to the next round. At the start of the game each player got a random objective representing a human with different traits (different skin color, hair, eye colors, slower or faster metabolism, tall or short etc), and at the end of the game the player whose character is closer to his objective wins.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Just using iPad pro for drawing. Procreate for finished images and Paper by FiftyThree for sketching, brainstorming etc.

Game Design and Development by Nemanja Avramovic.

Game Design help by Aleksandra Djordjevic and Davor Draca.

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