Medium 2018

The machine leaves no trace. Or does it? ... Trapped in the sensor data lies what little remains of the unfortunate souls caught up in the middle of the machine's late-night efforts to cleanse itself. ... As a medium of our digital age, you can hear the screams of the ghosts in the machine. Escort each ghost to the place where it met its demise at the hands of the machine and you may finally release it from its digital purgatory. ... Medium 2018 is an (indoor) location-based game played with an Android phone, the Telegram app and a disturbed mind.
Jam year: 
NARRATIVE - Epistolary
Android device, Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
- TelegramBotAPI - FIND - Wifi based local GPS API - Flask - Flask Scheduler - Python 3.6 - Dark Thoughts

Writing: Kim R.

Design/Coding: R J

Game Stills: