Master of Runners

Master of Runners is a 3D cooperative runner where two players must reach the first row of a concert before the guards catch them. Each player has three different skills: jump, push and crowdsurf. However, only one player can use one of them at a time. If a player that doesn't have a skill needs it, the other one has to give it away. The key is to transmit the skills from one another and cooperate to reach the end of the stage. Along the way, there will be many kinds of obstacles that will require the aforementioned skills to avoid them, otherwise the players will be slowed. These obstacles are other fans, drunk people, puddles... Just stuff you can expect from a live concert. There are three levels, each one with a different difficulty simbolized by the style of the music (Rock, Heavy Metal and Speed Metal). Furthermore, each level has its own difficulty curve, with the music increasing or slowing its velocity accordingly. The art style is flat and cartoonish, with simple and colorful characters, which contrast with the music.
Jam year: 
ART - Well-Rounded
AUDIO - A Bold Choice
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Antonio Jesus Narvaez

Juan Antonio Ruiz


Artistas & UI

Francisco Javier Sanchez ( @FSR_Art )

Daniel Sánchez

Damian Elizalder


Musica y produccion

Pablo Seara

Alberto de Santiago

Ana Silva

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