tired work, media worker, health problem... when your heart gets numb, just stand up and go outside.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1P WASD    Left-Shift   
2P ArrowKey   Right Shift


 [up/w] + [left/a]   control your left hand

 [right/d] + [ down/s]  control your right hand

Move your hands to influence the black box in your screen to finish your work about image-censership..

Hold Shift to stand-up


With standing, you can loop input left and right key to do execrise for your health.

When boardcast monitor rising, you must to keep standing and do broadcast gymnastics. otherwise,you will lose your health.



When "!!" appear upon your head. you can do quick stand-up to earn more HP.

Vice versa.


Day1 17:00-24:00 Design
Day2 19:00-22:00 Design
Day3 9:00-19:30 Dev.


-Special Thanks-

Ye-ZeXin   Yi-Guan-Yan   Yang-Ning

(Discuss with them really inspire me a lot ,Thanks so much.)

Simon-Z (hold this party let us have fun)

Wang-Yang and all his friends (share seat with me)

Zhang-Fan (encourage me)



Time by MKJ

第八套广播体操Remix  by  HureYlackBstars


Got some inspiration from these two games:

hot-dog game

Friend Team(No.13) ‘s Entry 

Espically the wonderful "Meipai-Shake music", it reminds me about the idea of "Broadcast gymnastics"...

Game Stills: