Lunar Limbo

A game completely controlled by voice, in which the player takes command of a group of researchers on a foreign moon. Besides being completely controlled by voice, the player is also only hearing the members of his team, as they are commanding the team from orbit. No screen needed, just a microphone and a headset. A completely auditory and narrative game, in short a vocal adventure.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Uses the framework wich is made with Electron, a framework build atop Chromium and Node.js, and several other modules gathered via npm. These packages range from Google’s Speech API to a port of Inkle’s Ink library.
Installation Instructions: 

Clone the framework's repository from, and go through the After this clone the story's repository from and go through that as well.


Written by Jesse Deerenberg

Written & Developed by Ron Dekker

Game Stills: