Lumi, the light of life, ventures inside the Lumia Forest. There, the story of the Life of Mother Earth was told. Play as Lumia and venture inside Lumia Forest to uncover secrets that lie within. Mechanics: 1. Hold ENTER to emit light 2. Certain plants can receive your light energy. Hold the enter button to transmit your light enerfy to the plants. Take note, the plant's light will fade when you don't supply them with energy. 3. Lighting up objects can cause other objects near it to light up as well. 4. Watch out for your power! Every time you emit light, your energy grows weaker. Refill your energy with light rays to help you move forward! 5. Be careful! Glass platforms need to be lighted up in order to be usable. Try using your power. 6. Lamp posts can be a good source of light energy. Refill your power from these resources. Lumi is a game about the story of the Life of Earth. First Chapter is about the newly born earth, symbolized by a giant tree. Second Chapter is about the start Human beings on Earth. Third Chapter tells the destruction of Earth's life due to human existence. Last Chapter is about the Life of Earth after its destruction which marks a new beginning. MAC -> Uploaded zip Windows ->
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Arisa Alcantara - Programmer

Carl Louie So - Designer and Music

Jammy Rodriguez - 2D Artist

Heidi Tibunsay - 2D Artist

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