Lightning sounds

El juego es de género musical para celulares, donde tendrás que colocar bobinas de Tesla en espacios indicados en el orden que indica la melodía del nivel. The game is of musical gender, for smartphones, where you have to place Tesla coils in indicated places, in a certain order, for generate the correct melody.
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MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)
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usfxr is a C# library used to generate and play game-like procedural audio effects inside Unity. With usfxr, one can easily design and synthesize original sound in real time for actions such as item pickups, jumps, lasers, hits, explosions, and more, without ever leaving the Unity editor. For more information check the link below.

Cristobal Octavio Báez Contreras - Programador

Javier Cañongo Moran - Música y Programación

Eric Sosa Sánchez - Artista 2D

Ariel Benavides Dompínguez - Artista 2D y animador

Cristián Rodríguez Sólis - Artista 2D

usfxr - Librería para sonidos en tiempo real

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