Light Runner

In the fight against the filth of this world, a single human being has been born to save humanity. In the meantime, the dirt has changed into living things that terrify mankind. Only the different light waves can stop the monsters, because the filth only awakens in the dark. Now our brave hero, addicted to Goa Music, wipes out every remaining creature, lurking in the sewers. This 2D-platformer is played with keyboard and mouse. Your goal is, to wipe out every creature in the sewers and reach the very bottom, to defeat the final boss. To kill the creatures, you have to shoot the right lightcolor from your gun. Searching for keys, you wander through the dark, trying to survive. Look out where you step, because touching a creature will cost you a life and unlike a cat, you only have six of them!!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Audacity - Clip Studio Paint - Hexels 3

Marcel Jürß (Marc Juss)     -  Coding / Gods Work 
Nicolas Wamsler (Nico Wamsler)     -  Character Design/Creature Design/Art/ Animation
Sadjad Krüger (Sadjad Snakefist)      - Enviroment Art, UI, Sound
Daniel Halangk (ketelsen450)          - Level Design, Vision Keeping



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