Leslie B. Anne's Trans Mission for Love

Leslie Barbara Anne and Natasha Sokolov are two (trans, lesbian) high-school sweethearts, recently separated when they left for different colleges. They're very much in love, but it still takes hard work to keep any long-distance relationship from fading away... Read letters Natasha sends to Leslie, and relive the memories they bring up. Send heartfelt replies, but make sure to keep the details of Natasha's life and your relationship in order, so she doesn't feel like you've forgotten her. Gameplay is visual novel-esque, with some point-and-click elements. (Polished complete version coming soon at gendervamp.itch.io/ggj-2018)
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

WINDOWS: Download the file, unpack it, and run the executable.

MAC: Download the file, unpack it, and run the executable.

LINUX: Heck if I know. Sacrifice a goat maybe??


Narrative/Extra details

Ryan Rose Aceae (Twitter, Itch.io)

Code,  Level Editior, Implementation

Cathy!? Trang

TJ Darcy

Character Art

Maureen "Momo" Wang (Twitter)

Timi Okuboyejo

Background Art

Manolo Rosenberg

UI Design

M. Rook (Twitter)

Music, Audio Design

Miriam Bedrin

Special Thanks

Heather Robertson (Twitter, Itch.io)