Last Man Sending

You compete against another player on the local network to be the first to collect all 3 energy crystals and activate the transmitter station.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity 2017.1 · Visual Studio · Maya · ZBrush · Photoshop · Illustrator · Audacity + Audition
Installation Instructions: 

Just extract the whole archive and launch LastManSending.exe

Playing Multiplayer

This game is played on two machines over a local network. With some network-tinkering (port forwardings and such) it should also work well over the internet, as long as one player can connect directly to the other player's IP address.

  • Player 1 clicks on "Host" and waits until the level is loaded. It can take a while and may appear frozen, be patient.
  • Player 2 enters the IP address of Player 1's machine and clicks on join. It should work.

How to play

You need to search the planet to find all 3 energy crystals in your color. Walk around the planet and pay attention to the lower left corner of the screen. When a crystal is nearby, a yellow icon will flash. It flashes faster the closer you are to the crystal. Locate the crystal and take it to you color's transmitter station. You have won the game once you have collected all 3 energy crystals.

You can steal crystals from your opponent and hide them somewhere yourself. This is intended.


F to pick up or place crystals
Space to use your jetpack
Shift to dash forward
T to toggle 3rd person view
Q/E to chose between left and right 3rd person view


Game Design

Alexander Romanjuk, Anh Minh Nguyen, Gavin Barnes, Felix Urbasik, Jan Brinkmann, Dominik Rütt, Heico Jansen


Alexander Romanjuk, Anh Minh Nguyen, Gavin Barnes, Felix Urbasik, Heico Jansen

Art (3D)

Jan Brinkmann, Dominik Rütt


Felix Urbasik, Gavin Barnes

Game Stills: