Escape from secret research facility, collaborating with unexpected ally. Short instruction that is missed in the game, becouse of lack in time on Jam 1. To play you need at least 2 persons. There is no up player limit. – One person is Narrator, and that player runs LabRat_narrator.exe – Everyone else is Escaper, and they runs LabRat.exe 2. Every participant of game, cannot see display of each other, but must hear at least the Narrator. Escapers do not have to hear each other but it’s more fun if they do. 3. To play there is no needed any connection between computers. Only connection that is necessary is between players with their own voices. You can seat in one room, ore use any voice communicator sucha as Skype or Discord. Using microwav… Tfu. Two-way radios is recommended. 4. Escaper wake ups in one of isolation cells. His goal is to safely escape from laboratory with help of Narrator. Within laboratory there is many obstacles and dangers which he won't be able to avoid without help of Narrator Escaper without help of Narrator, he will have very hard, frustrating and short life. 5. Narrator see every necessary information to help Escaper survive or not. His goal is to help or kill Escaper. It depends on his task that is randomly chosen for him. It’s written on right down corner. It’s in polish. If you do not understand toss a coin in secret to choose your task. a. Scientist – helps healthy person, but cannot allow to escape infected Escaper. b. Bioterrorist – kill every healthy witness and set free infected Escaper to cause chaos. Few tips for better playthrough: – Escaper always wake ups in one randomly chosen Isolation Cell – To know that Escaper is healthy or not, he must use device in Lab room. It’s on the desk. Just click it and describe test result to Narrator. – Exit form laboratory is in Animal Testing Sector on the bottom. – If Escaper dies he can just restart game and still participate in game as new Escaper. – After few tries is recommended to switch roles. – There is few mistakes on Narrator’s map, but we leave it to you to discover them. Good luck for all. You will need it ;)
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ART - Cardboard Challenge
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Hand drawn screens.
Installation Instructions: 

Game is for at least two people. One is "Narrator", and should run executable file for narrator. Other people are "lab rats", and should run non-narrator executable file.


Graphics: Ailish, Drako, Pandzia, Yuki
Programming: John Meadow (Leszek Nowak), Tomasz Szymański

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