Kill to Save the World

Kill to Save the World is a cooperative game were you have to transmit information via a limited number of characters to futur players in order to eradicate a disease. You won if you kill all the infected peoples, you loose if everyone get sick. Unless it's the first turn, you can check out the clues left by previous players. Hopefully, they will help you to find diseased. You have to choose between two actions, you can either vaccinate or kill someone. Vaccinating someone makes him immune to the disease for three turns. Killing sick people prevent the spreading. In order to kill or vaccinate someone, choose your action by clicking on the corresponding button. Then click on the person you want to act on. After validating your action, you will be able to see who is sick (img) and who has been vaccinated (img). Sick people also appeared red, if needed, you can see the original colour of the people by clicking on them. Now you can leave a clue for the next player, with only five characters (Punctuation is allowed but not numbers). After wrote it, you have to give the phone to the next player, using all previous clues he may be able to help eradicate the disease. For more fun, it is advisable not to give any clues other than the ones written.
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CODE - Upside down
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
Android device
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Unity (any product)
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git :
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put it on your phone - multiplayer game


Designers :

Paul Gaston

Benjamin Misiak

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Ervan Silvert

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