Kill Mankind

Mankind is on a mission to flee Earth and colonize new planets. Spare the universe from this plague before they even leave the spaceship. Take control of Emissary Blodor -- a cute intergalactic octopus sent from the depths of outer space to invade the Mankind Seed Ship (MSS) and wipe the last ten human beings out of the galaxy while there's still time. Mind that the Emissary Blodor can't survive for too long without a hosting body -- and neither can the bodies hosting Blodor, dying quickly after the infection. For this mission, time is a factor.
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DESIGN - Power down
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Technology Notes: 
Used shitty Construct 3. We're not impressed.
Installation Instructions: 

Just click the link an play on your browser. Gamepads are welcome.

Controls (Gamepad | Keyboard)

  • Analog LEFT/RIGHT | Keyboard LEFT/RIGHT - Move BLODOR
  • Y Button | Spacebar - Leave Body
  • A Button | Keyboard UP - Jump
  • Caio Lopez, Marcello Lima
  • Marco Worms, Estevão Arantes
  • Juliane Andrezzo, Alisson Fernandes
  • Felipe Gall, Nando Guimarães
Game Stills: