Kaiju-zilla has surfaced along the coast of Neo Megatokyoto! Sensing a threat, the military is mounting an offensive, sending warning transmissions via radio towers to their off-shore missile silo. You, as the humble Kaiju-zilla, are forced to retaliate. Stop the missile launches by destroying the military's transmitters, or instead choose to feed off their radio waves to charge and unleash a special attack. Repair trucks will periodically enter the battlefield, seeking to repair the towers and undo Kaiju-zilla's ongoing devastation. How long will Kaiju-zilla survive this military onslaught!? Let's go live to the scene!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

Programmers: Arvin Gunawan, Thomas Brown
Art & Animation: Joseph Lui, Derek Lau, Ben Walker
Audio: Jody Toomey

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