Jumping Genes!

A marvelous genetic phenomenon, "Jumping Genes" is described as the horizontal TrAnSMisSIoN of genes between bacteria via tiny DNA structures called Plasmids. Infect your way up in Jumping Genes to take over enemy bacteria and make them YOUR OWN. Take over the largest bug at the top, to win the game! Fail miserably hundreds of times along the way!
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

A. DO NOT use the source files.
B. Use the link to the APK file instead.
C. Android only... Sorry :/
D. Must enable non-store apps (duh)


Programming - Lior Bruder
Art - Oded Ilani
Game Design - Kobi Romano
Music & SFX - Carmine Bitterman

Game Stills: