intruder is a first person stealth game about Hjansen, a space rogue who wants to rob a spaceship of his valuble cargo while being unnoticed. hjansen's crew can guide him through the ship by transmitting a detailed map to his holo-watch. but he must be aware of using his device, as enemy robot guards can track his crew's transmission to hunt him down. the more the intruder relies on the map's info the more the robots will draw closer. will u be able to leave the ship unscathed?
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Enrico Cempanari - TechArt
Giacomo Caneschi - Textures and Graphic Design
Alessandro Salvi - Programming
Gambriele Granocchia - Programming
Fabrizio Scipioni - 3D Art
Stefano Sacerdoti - 3D Art
Stefano Viavattene - 3D Art
Davide Multineddu - 3D Art

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