Interstellar Radio Star

You become a voice of a star, it connects stars and stars with voice and sings a song. In addition to voice, you can play by playing with keyboard. 星の声となり、声で星と星をつなぎ、歌を歌うゲームです。 声以外にキーボードで演奏することで遊ぶこともできます。 --story-- A.D.267885245 The earth is ruined and several hundred million years. A star has a heart. The thought of the star exceeds the galaxy. The connected stars sang out. You became the voice of the stars, Please give your voice from star to star in your voice. Turn around by the pitch of your voice, Let's deliver the stars' voice from the stars to the stars. The voice from the star to the star becomes a song It will be connected. --物語-- A.D.267885245 地球は滅んで数億年。 星は想いをもった。 星の想いは銀河を超え、繋がった星々は歌い出しました。 あなたは星の声となり、 あなたの声で星から星へ声をとどけてください。 あなたの声の音程で向きを変えて、 星から星へ、星の声を届けましょう。 星から星への声は歌となって つながっていくでしょう。
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ART - My eyes are my ears
AUDIO - Player Remixer
AUDIO - Otamatone For Your Sins
NARRATIVE - Say That Again
Mac OS X, Other digital platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Pitch recognition by Max/MSP. And it send pitch to unity by OSC. Audio technologies by use ADX2LE. and the game control laser projector and lighting unit,that production stars and space.
Installation Instructions: 

If you want to play the game by voice.first you boot maxpatch folders "PitchDetect.maxpat"(It need Max/MSP App)

Only play keyboard not need to use the patch.


Atsunori Sagawa = programmer

soyliquid = programmer

Takashi Tanaka = sound & programmer

ToruNayuki = programmer & laser 

penotea = designer


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