Intergalactic House of Pancakes

In this 2-player, networked VR game, play as Frog or Bear to run the Intergalactic House of Pancakes. Prepare breakfast from an extensive menu of just pancakes and grapefruit. Unfortunately, the space kitchen is poorly laid out, so you'll need to cooperate to get breakfast orders prepared. Run your kitchen like an all-star Michelin chef by firing pancake batter with space guns, flipping batter with pan, chopping grapefruits with huge butcher knives, and beaming out completed items with the teleporter.
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Jam year: 
CODE - So Sociable
MS Windows, Virtual Reality platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires 2 Oculus Rifts and Internet connections. Instructions: - Tether both Rift machines to a cellphone's Wi-Fi hotspot - Disable firewalls on both machines - Check the IP address via ipconfig - One player starts as a Host - Second player enters their IP address and connects