Infectio is a game about a mutant virus that escaped from a secret laboratory. It is a virus capable of evolving and absorbing weaker viruses. You start the game playing the virus in a weaker state, you will need to devour other weaker viruses in order to gain back it's strength. But as soon as you regain your strength by devouring, you gain the ability to infect humans. Infecting humans gains you more strength (and score!) than devouring but also raises awareness about your existence. Once awareness reaches its max, people will start getting vaccinated and if you try to infect a vaccinated person, you will get damaged. But you will notice that you have also gained the weakness of other viruses as you start to degrade slowly. You are in pursuit of power but the more you gain, the faster you start to degrade. Soon after you infected enough people or ate enough viruses, you will be able to mutate into two different states (Biological & Electronic) and cycle between them. Each gives you an extra strength and weakness. Electronic state gives you faster speed but it also speeds your degradation. Biological state slows degradation but slows your speed as well. Survive as long as you can!
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MS Windows
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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Execute the exe file and play!


Husain Alaam

Mahdi Fathallah

Mahmood AlSarhani

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