Hot Potato Brain

Play as a human test subject trying to escape the shadiest of unknown facilities the government doesn't want you to know about. Transfer your consciousness to enemies at your own risk and strategically use enemy types to solve puzzles and survive. You can't stay in one body for too long so keep moving, keep exploring, and find your way out before it's too late.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Art Director: Keith Parker
Animation Lead/Soldier Animation: Calder King
Scientist Animation: Gabrielle Nguyen
Patient Animation: Khoi Nguyen
3D Modeling: Anh Tran
UI/UX Design/Branding Design: Xiaojun Huang
Lead Programmer: Trevor Serpas
Core Mechanic Programmer/Level Design: Hayden Piper
Programming/Level Building: Hunter Galtier
UI Programmer/Github Support: Jun Lin
UI Programmer: Mason Meredith
Producer/Level Design: Sarah Kent


Source files: