Holostream Channel 6

Tired of old reality holo shows? Want something more exciting? Welcome on Holostream Channel 6! Here you are part of the show! Bet your credits on the time our challenger will survive! But that's not all ... You are deciding what he's fighting against and how! Invest your money to hire fearfull robots that will tear the challenger apart! Or offer him ammunition and meds to keep him alive a little longer! It's all your choices! Only on Holostream Channel 6! Holostream Channel 6 is also looking for new fighters. Try to survive trought the arena and the crowd's madness! Survive until they run out of money and you will get all they betted against you! (Holostream Channel 6 is not responsible for injuries caused by evisceration, bullet wounds, decapitation, explosions or anything similar that could happen to the participant)
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Jam year: 
CODE - So Sociable
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product), Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
Using Restream for retrieving all social network chat used during the livestream. Find the homemade tools there: - https://github.com/JamsCenter/2017_12_23_RestreamChatHacking/wiki
Installation Instructions: 

You will need an Oculus headset and a livestream in order to play.

To configure Restream tool check there: https://github.com/JamsCenter/2017_12_23_RestreamChatHacking/wiki


Unity developer: David Mestdagh

Restream developer: Eloi Stree

Unity developer: Maxence Renglet

Artist: Lucas Etienne

Artist: Basile Jacques

UI artist & game designer: Valentin Löfberg

Source files: