Hereditary Parasites

Mobile Party game using one phone. The players are the family members of a sick and dying King. You're all horrible people who are simply after the old codger's inheritance. The players literally pass the sickly king around between them every turn, making secret decisions on what to talk to talk the King about (positively or negatively). Players are encouraged to cooperate (or lie to each other) about what they have selected. Multiple players will get points if they end up speaking positively about the same topics with the King. (UNLESS only one other player speaks negatively about that topic, stealing the points from the positive players.) if more than one player talks negatively about a topic, those players get NOTHING. Finally, the king will infect one player with his sickness early on. If the sick player picks the same conversation topic as any other player that turn, they will spread the infection. Infected players will die at the end of the game, unless the skip a turn to cure their infection. The winner is the player who has procured the most favour with the king by the end of the 4th round, who isn't infected. Lie to your friends (sometimes). Claim what is rightfully yours you sycophantic worm. Hereditary Parasites!
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Android device
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Unity (any product)
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Android Only.