Heal Billies

Protect your ship throughout your way to your final destination. Heal Billies is a Co-Op Local Multiplayer Action Game, were you have to fight against an army of diseases, who will try to enter you ship and destroy its core. Better experience with 4 Game Controllers. Global Game Jam 2018 Theme: TRANSMISSION
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Art Team

  • Juan Pablo Covarrubias
  • Ricardo García Paredes
  • Yuri Martínez

Programming Team

  • Augusto Vázquez
  • Ricardo Ibarra
  • Issac Ochoa

Game Design Team

  • Edgar Hernández
  • Karina Lomeli

Music & Audio

  • Ovidio Escobedo


Thanks to OneSky family!


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