Guiding Light

Welcome to Guiding Light! Nuclear fallout has left your home planet a hazardous wasteland, so travel between buildings is impossible for humans. The problem is, there's a group of refugees living in a bunker who need food, water, and medical supplies desperately! Time is of the essence! Your job is to lay down relay posts to guide a drone carrying the essential supplies to the bunker. The drone can only move if a relay post is within range to transmit a signal to the drone. To start, all you know is the locations of the warehouse and the bunker. It's up to you to lay relay posts and find the path connecting the two buildings. Relay posts create a radius of light to show you where your options for paths forward are. To build relay posts, you'll need scrap metal, which accumulates over time. As you construct relay posts on the map, you'll be able to see what paths forward are possible and where hills block your way forward. If you're lucky, you might find a dormant relay post that will light up a whole portion of the map! But be careful - if you take your drone down the wrong path, you'll have to retrace your steps by shutting down posts, which will waste precious time. Once you've successfully constructed a continuous path from the warehouse to the bunker using these relay posts, your drone will be able to deliver the supplies! If, however, the time limit elapses and you haven't built a complete path, the people in the bunker will die and you'll have to start again. Good luck, and may you be a guiding light for the drone!
Jam year: 
DESIGN - Under the Influence
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art: Maya; Photoshop | Design: Photoshop | Sound: BFXR
Installation Instructions: 

1) Download the zip folder on this page.

2) Extract all to whatever folder you choose on your computer.

3) Once the extraction is done, go into the folder created and double-click the .exe file (sorry Mac users)

4) The game will initially prompt you to choose your preferred viewing options (fullscreen vs. windowed, render quality, etc.) Turn resolution up as high as you can and then click "Play!"

5) gl; hf


Art - Grant, Andrew, Scott

Programming - Roz, Pedro, Eric

Design - Andrew, Scott

Story - Grant, Roz, Andrew, Pedro, Eric, Scott

UI - Eric, Scott

UX - Pedro

Sound - Scott

Task Management - Roz, Andrew

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