Glaudiotori is an almost normal third person shooter. But not quite. Instead of using buttons to control your actions you have to use your voice to do the work for you. Shout commands and immitate the sound of gunfire to fire rounds! To play with multiple players you have to have a Steam account.
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Sphinx Voice Recognition
Installation Instructions: 

Source: Just start the .uproject file in your UE4.18 application. Binaries are included already.
Build: Just start the executable inside the folder :)

To steer your character just use your mouse and WASD on your keyboard. To do anything besides that you have to use these voice commands:
Hop hop! - Sprint for a while
Boing Boing! - Jump
Bang Bang! - Fire the bomb launcher
Fssss... - Throw a grenade pot
Ratatat ... atatatatat! - Start the arrow launcher (You may have to wait for a short while after saying ratatat to give the voice recognition some time to detect the keyword. Can be quirky sometimes.)

Alternative build download link:


Marco Jülich - Environment, Props, Animation, Rigging

Malika Widmayer - Character Models

Ramon Schauer - Environment, Props, Lighting

Valentin Klink - Programming

Kerstin Arnold - Weapon Pickup Hint

Background Music:
World of Warcraft WotLK - Argent Colloseum

Voice recognition plugin made by shanecolb:

Game Stills: