Ghost in the Wire

The year is 2587, the country of Rangatira has been under the control of its government for hundreds of years with no contact to the outside world. Every story that was passed down about the time before has been forgotten, leaving generations of citizens with irrefutable loyalty and love for their leader. The government controls everything from your job to who you marry with the help of its secret police. On January 28, Dr Winston Smith saw something that made him begin to question his government and how safe the citizens truly were. Later that night Smith was awoken at 1:04 am by armed police and taken to a secret facility. There, he was tortured, beaten, and experimented on for 14 months, today he attempts his escape. With the aid of the experimental drugs and an exoskeleton drilled onto his body, Smith is able to move through the ethernet as a stream of digitized information. Winston must find a way to escape while avoiding the guards patrolling the halls and without making too many jumps in the net.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Used PhaserJS ( for game states and sprite animations

Tyler & Chris: Programming

Kelso, Angus: Art & Level Design

Bryn Oberlin: Audio & Sound Effects



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