This game tells an epic tale of a lone surviving germ in a world of cleanliness. He seeks vengeance for the comrades he's lost to the giant mysterious beings that have ravaged his world, and so, blinded by rage and grief, he decides to plunge into one of these creatures in a final attempt to cause it harm. This game has the player react quickly to oncoming onslaughts of antibodies, while said player attempts to transmit their disease to the host body. YOU NEED A CONTROLLER TO PLAY :) - Square/x to return to menu in game scene - triangle/y to restart the level
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Aimee Handley - Programmer

Ronan Constantine - Programmer

Erik Prinz - Level and Sound Design Artist

Daniel Hartwell - Character and general design Artist

Music by Kevin McLoed, website:

Source files: