Find your alien friend

You, are a friendly alien space ship, looking for your damaged friend ship. He is not visible by default, so you have to use your scanners to track him in space. If your scan is successful you see a cloud, but be aware, there are evil encounters out there. To make really sure that your find is behind the targeted cloud, you have to scan multible times. Good luck and find your friend! :)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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To run the source you need:

1. Install NodeJS and NPM

2. Use the console and move to ("cd /{Path}" the project directory.

3. Execute "npm run dev" in the project directory.

4. Open the browser and type in "localhost:8080

5. Read control instructions and play the game


Markus Dittmann - Vision Keeper and Programmer

Stephan Schüritz - Programmer

Nicole Tietze - Graphics, Animation and Sound

Max Reimann - User Stories

Source files: