Dumblin Dungeon

Dumblin dungeon is a Gameboy multiplayer game, 2+ players. You control a goblin that must activate buttons in a given order, and in a given timing. If you succeed, tell the next pattern to the next player, and give him the Gameboy. Yeah, right, THIS is multiplayer on Gameboy... Note: the first pattern is A B C D, walk on the pressure plate with your character to activate it
Jam year: 
CODE - .COM-pact
CODE - Happy Birthday GGJ -
DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
DESIGN - Look back
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Technology Notes: 
We used Retr0 GB, our custom Game Boy game engine, and other tools as GBTD, GBMB or OpenMPT. - Retr0 GB : soon on a public repository ;) - GB Tile Designer : http://www.devrs.com/gb/hmgd/gbtd.html - GB Map Builder : http://www.devrs.com/gb/hmgd/gbmb.html - OpenMPT (Sound Design) : https://openmpt.org
Installation Instructions: 

Use an emulator (we used BGB), and just run the ROM (or put the ROM in a Game Boy linker, it is funnier)


Kevin DRURE - Drunken developer

Fog Ryü - Pixel master

Hubert GROSSIN - Useless developer (but 8-bit noise maker)

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