Drive with Your Friends

You and 3 other friends are working together to drive 1 car. Have fun! Requires a host computer and 4 Android devices.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Android device
Installation Instructions: 

1. Install Unity EXE on host computer.
2. Install apk on 4 Android devices.
3. Run server on host computer.
4. For Android devices: Install and launch apk, then "Enable Match Maker -> Find Internet Match -> Connect to Match: (whatever name host sets, usually "default").

- To steer wheel: swipe left/right
- To clutch: Tap/hold and get past blue bar to engage clutch
- To shift: If clutch is in engagement zone, swipe forcefully to switch gears
- To gas: Tap on gas pedal; holding the tap gives you more gas


Hau Tran
Lead Game Designer
Artist/UI Designer

Dave Le
Lead Developer

Isaac Liao

Albert Park
Level Designer

RoccoW - Pumped

Game Stills: