We are Superior Intelligence. We make games, we play games and sometimes, we eat pizza. The four of us, came together as an effect of an anual tradition - to participate in the Game Jam. So this year, we gave birth to Ben. He's a super big fan of track pants and turtlenecks and he's trapped in a dream world. In order to escape, he knows, that he has to transfer items to the real world. But there's a twist. He can't go back. Not because, there's a story element to it, but because, we made only one stage. So yeah, that's pretty much it. The music and visuals give of an 80's-90's VHS sorta vibe. And can you believe, it was made by only two guys! And the backbone of the game, was built by four sweaty, tired hands. We plan on expanding this game, so you expect some more stuff in the game. But we don't really plan to do this full time, thus making the progress slower, so bear with us, we think it's fun to make this game. Good things come to those who wait, people, to those who wait... So yeah, hope you enjoy this barebone of a game. Peace out!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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