(Don't) Listen!

Lost in a labyrinth, you only have a certain Mike on your phone to guide you… but for some reason, he doesn’t seem to be able to speak any known language at all.
Jam year: 
NARRATIVE - Hidden Depths
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Michiel: 3d art

Xander: programming

Thomas: Programming

Ine: Storytelling


Audio Credits

  • Background music: Chantiers Navals 412 by LJ Kruzer
  • Footsteps: "Footsteps, Concrete, A.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org
  • Doors creaking: "creaking door_4.mp3" by suhral of Freesound.org; "Porte open close.wav" by Slanesh of Freesound.org; "Kocking door and open door.wav" by rivernile7 of Freesound.org
  • Sounds of keys: "Keys1.wav" by EverHeat of Freesound.org
  • Clock winding: "CLOCK_WINDING.aiff" by jacobsteel of Freesound.org (altered to create one continuous sound)