Do Satellites Dream of Spaceship ?

L’agence spatiale de la Terre veut explorer des planètes. Incarnez MATH*, un module autonome doué d’intelligence artificielle. Déployez un réseau de satellites permettant une communication PERMANENTE en vous aidant de la gravitation des objets célestes. *MATH (Module Autonome de Transmission Heuristique)
Jam year: 
ACCESSIBILITY - One tap for all
META - Polyglot
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip archive, and then open "index.html" with your browser (note that you may need to setup a web server first to prevent cross-origin errors).

You may play directly through the following url :

Tested with Firefox and Chrome.


Created by:

-Simon Lecoq (Dev.)
-Maxime Isnard (Dev.)
-Raphaël Isnard (Management/SD)
-Melissa Houyez (Graphism/Design)
-Virginie Cogez (Advices/Narration)

Thanks to :
-Simon Hembert
-Thibault Arloing (Satellites voices)
-Aline Triqueneaux (Satellites voices)
-All organisators of the Global Game Jam Adicode Lille !!

All Musics are free of rights:

-Sirius Beat:
-Title music: Looking in the Air from Mike_Vekris

This game has been developped and is copyrighted ©, all rights reserved by the Imaginarium Team.

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