2D Action game. Goal of this game is Support your programer for progress game reach at 100%. You are Artist in team. You have to find something that your programer request and interrupt other team by item that spawn in this game.
Jam year: 
META - Final Countdown
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game i had try new art style in 2d game. First, use 2d sprite with gameobject that have animation. Second, use 3d object with gameobject that is static and have no animation. Finally, mix 2d sprite and 3d object together in unity.
Installation Instructions: 

This game is support Xbox joystick only and Enter to this game use spacebar. Note** use 2 joystick to play this game. Sorry, i'm not finish this game in GGJ. It difficult to understand input but i hope you will have fun :).


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Can't play with keyboard Spacebar to Ok (Enter) Have to use 2 joystick for this game
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