Dance Dance Pollination

Dance to guide your bees to the flower and back before your rival does! Quickly study the area around your hive to find a path, then use dancing to instruct your bees to follow that path. Flying through wheat, getting hit by your rival bees' attacks, and being blocked when you are attacking will disorient your bees, so bee careful! Use of dance pads suggested! Controls (Dance Pads): Up,Left,Down,Right = up,left,down,right Back-Left = defend Back-Right = attack Controls (Keyboard): Player 1: W,A,S,D = up,left,down,right Q = defend E = attack Player 2: Arrow Keys = up,left,down,right R-Ctrl = defend Num Pad 0 = attack
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ART - My eyes are my ears
CODE - Happy Birthday GGJ -
DESIGN - Under the Influence
DESIGN - Look back
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used JoyToKey ( to hook up the dance pads as keyboard inputs. Here are the mappings we used: [Key = Dance Pad] Player 1: [W,A,S,D = up,left,down,right] [Q = back-left] [E = back-right] [Enter = up-right] Player 2: [up,left,down,right (arrow keys) = up,left,down,right] [R-Ctrl = back-left] [Num Pad 0 = back-right] [Space = up-right]
Installation Instructions: 

To run the game, unzip the provided file, then select and run the enclosed .exe file. Make sure that the .exe and the Data folder are in the same location when running the .exe file.


Design / Programming:

Jonathan Moriarty (@JT_Moriarty) (

Rick Van Tassel



Drew Nicolo (@CharcoalCity51) (

Jon H

Fern Heintz



yokaiy (@yoYokaiy)

Suzanne Garrahan



Paul Mitchell (


Special Thanks:

Sam "Inverts" Boyd (@inverts)

Dan Austin

Julianne Baskerville

Big Huge Games

Bees (Help The Bees)

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