Game in the theme "Transmission". In this game you will need to go to the end of each level by passing through obstacles and a certain path. The game has several levels, the goal is to finish these levels the fastest possible. Each time you score a record, the time will be displayed in the level selection menu. There are no input to know in this game except the mouse and the "escape" button to leave a level.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
c++11 SFML 2.4.2
Installation Instructions: 

Just lauch the exe in the exe folder on windows


Made by :

 - Sylvain Dupuy

 - Simon Colin

- Corentin Pacaud Boehm


Thanks a lot to the GGJ and Flat226 for the organisation and the accomodation.


We used icons/pictures from Freepik.

Game Stills: