When their radio suddenly breaks down, it's up to two little helpers to fix it using their color frequencies. They can transmit their own color frequencies of Red, Blue and Yellow to fix the broken switches, and also combine their colors to generate new frequencies to fix more complex switches! WARNING: The game was designed to be only played with gamepads! Tested with Xbox 360 and Xbox One Gamepads. CONTROLS: [Based on the Xbox gamepad layout] Left Stick -> Moves your helper. X button -> Changes your color to Blue. Y button -> Changes your color to Yellow. B button -> Changes your color to Red. A Button -> Interactions / Transmit your frequency into the switch.
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ART - Well-Rounded
AUDIO - Beatbox
DESIGN - Nem tão próximos
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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This game requires two gamepads to play!


Brena Cardoso - 3D Character Modelling and Animation

Crysthian Carvalho - Programming

Hannah Pinheiro - 3D Enviroment Modelling

Laila Lorena Pinto Alves - Audio recording and editing / 2D art

Luiz Marcelo Lopes Costa Junior - Game Design

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