Co-op Cab

Use multiple gamepads and try to drive a taxi cab, where every player control two hands each. Work together to succeed in driving the car, use the hands to interact with the dashboard, wheel and throttle. (NOTE: Requires at least one gamepad to play!)
Jam year: 
DESIGN - Under the Influence
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Installation Instructions: 

The zip includes all supported platforms (macOS, Windows and Linux).

Unzip and go into the appropriet platform directory and double click on the binary.


Once started, move/push any input on the gamepad to join the game. Push left and right trigger buttons (gamepad shoulder buttons) to show that you are read. Once everyone (all gamepads joined) are ready, the game will begin.

Move your hands with left and right sticks, press the left and right trigger buttons to grab/push and interact with the dashboard or wheel. Try to drive the car around the track before time runs out!

At least one gamepad is required to play the game!


Code - Sven Andersson, Jhonny Göransson

Graphics - Jimmy Johansson, Martin Hjellström

Sound - Lars Andersson

Game Stills: